Monday, June 11, 2007


Los Angeles Pride has come to a close and our OutliciousTV coverage of the festival should be up next Monday (June 18th). We had such a blast. The CSW PR staff was so friendly and organized. They truly made us feel welcome. OutliciousTV reporter Jason Boegh spoke with so many fabulous people at the festival and you'll get to meet most of them when we post our coverage.
Less than a week left before we start producing Flab2Fab with Ronnie Kerr. Everyone at OutliciousTV is so excited about that. Well everyone except our editor who is getting bogged down with footage from all of our shows and news stories. ;-)
New at today is our Celebrity Promo. Watch Deadlee, Tiffany, Charlene Tilton and Lisa Foxx promot OutliciousTV!

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