Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Back In Black!

That song is stuck in my head!!
Day 2 of launch week is well underway!! Today brings you the premiere of Tell Veronica starring Charlene Tilton as Veronica Star. In this week's episode, Veronica interviews Charlene Tilton. Huh? How does she do that? Well watch at OutliciousTV.com and find out.

Overnight, we revamped our site! It looks better than ever!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Out of the Can!

It's finally here! We have officially launched OutliciousTV's new season. Today check out the premiere episode of Outdishes with Dinah Diva. The premiere episode is entitled Out of the Can and will feature some of Dinah Diva's favorite canned foods. Each day this week, there will be a new show for you to watch.

You may have noticed we have a new splash page on our website. The blog (which you are reading now, duh!) will be taking a back seat to the main website from now on. The blog will continue to be your crystal ball as to what is coming up on OutliciousTV!

Also new today on OutliciousTV.com Jason Boegh covers the red carpet for the closing night of Outfest's 25th Annual Film Festival in Los Angeles. The closing night was also the premiere of Kiss the Bride starring Tori Spelling.

More news tomorrow. We are also having our official launch party tomorrow. Woo!!
Happy Monday!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Tribute To Our Pre-Launch

Yay!!! Today is the last business day before we launch on Monday! We're soooooo f**king exciting. New shows will begin streaming starting on Monday with Outdishes with Dinah Diva. All of our shows will be available for your to embed wherever you want and to share share cher.. oopps share!

Over the weekend we will be putting some finishing touches on our content and getting ready for our launch party on Tuesday... Yay! It's finally here. Are y'all ready?

Hope you enjoy the pictures from our productions....

See you all on the other side (Monday!)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Opening The Vault

Tonight we are going to tape a few episodes of our 5th series to hit this season, Out of the Vault. It looks like we're cutting it really close to launch, but the first episode doesn't air until 8/27.

Our site gained weight!! We increased the width of our site and added a new affiliate ad from gay.com. Look for more changes on the site as we continue to grow.

A new I Love Dick! promo is up today. This one features Dick (Michael Ciriaco) and Mickey (Jeremy Lucas) after... well... just check it out for yourselves at outlicioustv.com

This season we are bringing you 55 episodes of exciting GLBT programming plus News programming!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Gearin' Up!

With less than a week to go until our launch we are busy busy busy!!! Our launch party, scheduled for next Tuesday, is already so popular that we had to change venues!

We're keepin this post short and gettin' back to work.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


With less than a week till launch we are gearing up to provide you with the best online GLBT shows.

Today we received a note from Brightcove, the company that serves our video as well as the advertisements on the videos. They offer pre-roll video ads to some of their clients who meet certain criteria. We believed we reached the criteria but were not receiving the advertisements. After over a month of communicated we were finally told that our content is too "wild-n-edgy" for national advertisers. FUCK YEAH!!! (flashing breasts in girls gone wild style) Our goal is to reach the largest gay/lesbian online audience possible and if it takes being wild-n-edgy then so be it.

Let this be a lesson to GLBT content providers considering Brightcove as your video service. Brightcove has an amazing video service that is very user friendly; but it is not the way for GLBT content providers to monetize their content.

Last night was Outfest closing night and we will have a video of that posted by the end of the week.

Monday, July 23, 2007

One Week To Go!

Only one week remaining until we officially launch our premiere season of OutliciousTV. Look for Dinah Diva on Outdishes next monday serving up some down home "cooking".

Over the weekend we cleaned up the site a little bit more. We still have some bugs to fix with the news and schedule pages but they are getting there. Our myspace now has our schedule through labor day posted.

Saturday, Starr Session visited the LA premiere of Starrbooty starring RuPaul. How many double-R words were in that sentence?!?!? Good times! Starr was an excellent sport as she was under the weather but dragged herself out of bed an to the streets of Hollywood. It was totally worth it. The video is now online.

Tonight is the closing night of Outfest and the premiere of Kiss The Bride. See you there!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Better Late Than Never!

Sorry for the delay in getting the blog posting up!

We are so excited! Our official launch is coming soon. Of course we have a few more obstacles to clear. For example, our camera equipment decided to go on strike last night!! Ahh!! We've found a few fixes and are trying them out but eventually the camera will die :-( RIP... don't buy Canon...

The good news is, most of our programming for the season has been shot, edited and programmed into our lineup!! Yay!!

This weekend we will be doing a lot of behind the scenes work getting ready for the launch. Patricia Villetto from "I Love Dick" has been spotted around town doing her comedy routine. Last night, she was was Mick and Mack's in Long Beach. She's there about once a month so check her out!!

Tonight, we will be attending "The Curiosity of Chance" at the Ford Amphitheatre as part of Outfest. We won't be covering the event though just watching it for fun!! Closing night of Outfest is July 23rd!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


After the craziness of the past week (Outfest and other parties), it was very nice to take last night off and breathe. Well, we really didn't breathe but did get some editing done.

New on the site: Coverage from Starr Session's visit to the Hairspray party hosted by DIVA. While at the party, Starr bumped into Michael Ciriaco from I Love Dick and Outfest's Opening Night Red Carpet Special. We separated that interview and put it on our promotion tab.

Our launch party is July 31st. We are sooo excited to finally show you what we've been workin' our asses off for over the past few months!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Where's the Party?

Last night, Starr Session attended DIVA's pre-release party for the movie Hairspray. It was so fun. Lot's of crazy people to chat with. Footage should be up soon.

Jason Boegh's Outfest Legacy footage is now up online.

We're gearing up for our launch in less than two weeks!! We're also planning a fabulous launch party. Hope y'all can come!

Sooooo tired and worn out from all of our coverage so this post is short.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's Our Legacy.

Last night, Jason Boegh attended the premiere of the first film remastered by the Outfest Legacy Project, Parting Glances. The movie was amazing! Four stars of the film were in attendance and were joined on a panel by the cinematographer and the head of the Outfest Legacy Project.

The Legacy Project is an amazing project that was set up to preserve GLBT films that define our legacy. Although Parting Glances is only 21 years, there were no viable prints available. The Legacy Project was able to make new prints from the original negatives as well as a new set of polyester negatives that will last for a couple of hundred years. A remasted DVD is currently being planned of the film.

If you missed Parting Glances, it will be shown in New York at Lincoln Center this Fall as part of a fundraiser for the Legacy Project.

On the red carpet, we spoke with 4 stars of the film including Steve Buscemi and Kathy Kinney. Footage will be up soon.

Tonight, Starr Session visits her old stomping ground, Eleven, to attend DIVA's Hairspray: The Movie party.

We'll be back at Outfest for closing night (7/23) at the Orpheum Theatre.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 16, 2007

New News!

Wow! What a busy weekend! We are workin' full steam ahead on our Outfest coverage. Red carpet coverage, Outfest @ 25, DIVA's opening night party and an interview with The Curiosity of Chance are just a few of the things we added to OutliciousTV.com

We also launched a news page with news from reuters as well as various blogs of note. Well, the links are a coming soon. Reuters news delivers the world's top headlines that the American establishment media (CNN, FOX, MSNBC) doesn't cover. News stories are updated several times a day!

One more exciting thing, we are in the process of partnering up with Shaunboy.org to offer more of our content on their website. Shaunboy.org's main market is the United Kingdom, and it will be a great opportunity to reach out and expand our audience.

Tonight, Jason Boegh attends Outfest's Legacy Gala and the screening of Parting Glances. Parting Glances is one of the first films to be restored as part of the Outfest Legacy Project in conjunction with UCLA.

Happy Monday!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Live to Tape!

Michael Ciriaco and the OutliciousTV crew worked it out on the Outfest Opening Night Gala red carpet. We chatted with so many amazing people: Tori Spelling, Chad Allen, Sally Kirkland, Reichen, Bishop Gene Robinson, Sharon Lawrence, Mary Murphy and more!!

Our first video from the red carpet is now online at outlicioustv.com. Part 2 as well as Starr's coverage from DIVA's party will be up over the weekend.

We are also in the process of launching a brand new News site that will carry not only OutliciousTV News but video news from Reuters as well as blogs of note. Look out for it soon.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Workin' the Red Carpet

Last night was so much fun!! Starr Session and the OutliciousTV team went to DIVA's Outfest Kickoff Party at O-Bar! It was also Time Warp at O-Bar so the theme was 80's.

We met so many exciting filmmakers and actors all jonesing to show off their work over the next 11 days!! Of note: Casting Pearls, Gay Zombie and The Curiosity of Chance. The footage from the event should be up this weekend!!

Tonight, Michael Ciriaco (I Love Dick, Getting It Straight and No Match Found) puts on his reporters hat and will work the red carpet at the opening night gala for the 25th Annual Outfest Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

If you're walkin' the carpet, come up and say "hey". Some of the scheduled guests tonight include Mayor Villaraigosa, Tori Spelling, RuPaul, Judith Light, Reichen, Channing Tatum, Bill Condon and more!! We are hoping to talk to all of these fabulous people. We'll have our coverage up over the weekend!

2 1/2 weeks till launch!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Where's the Party At?

We had such a blast last night at the cast and crew party for LOGO's "Rick and Steve, The Happiest Gay Couple in The World". We interviewed so many amazing people involved with the show. We also got to chat with Michael Serrato and Nicol Paone from The Big Gay Sketch Show and Darryl Stevens from Noah's Arc.

This video is now up under out NEWS tab.

Tonight, we'll be at DIVA's Queer Silver: Outfest Kickoff Party at O-Bar. Look for the one and only Starr Session!

Hope to see you there!

We have an official date for our launch party: July 31st 7pm-9pm. Save the date. Location to be announced soon!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Top Ten List

Just for fun today, we're posting the top 10 pre-launch videos. We are so excited to see the number of viewers we are getting. We are also excited to know which shows attract more viewers so that we can continue making the same type of programming in the future.

1) OutliciousTV News - LA Pride: 3,421 plays
2) flab2FAB! Promo: 1,604 plays
3) Outdishes Promo: 989 plays
4) OutliciousTV Celebrity Promo: 772 plays
5) Tell Veronica Promo: 726 plays
6) OutliciousTV News Promo: 542 plays
7) Outdishes Behind the Scenes 1: 398 plays
8) Outdishes Behind the Scenes 2: 360 plays
9) OutliciousTV News - Eating Out 2: 344 plays
10) No Match Found: 337 plays

We are in the process of retooling our schedule. We are thinking of reducing the number of new streams to only three per week as we try to attract more viewers. Our launch week will still have the first episodes airing at their scheduled time; however, afterwords there will be a schedule posted which will list when future episodes will be released. Why are we doing this? We are hoping to lengthen our season right up to the holidays which will give us time to build our viewship and plan amazing new content for our Winter/Spring 2008 Season!!

We want to know your thoughts on this. Leave a comment below.

Tonight, Jason Boegh will be at the cast and crew premiere party of Rick and Steve, the new fabulous show on Logo!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Only Three Weeks Left!!

OutliciousTV launches in just three weeks! We are very excited and can't wait to show you the shows we have in store for you.

Over the weekend we finished taping "I Love Dick!" a crazy sitcom-style comedy series set in the 1950's. It's like I Love Lucy but with same sex couples. We had such a blast making it and know you will have just as much fun watching it. Some production pictures are attached.

Our first "I Love Dick!" Promo is up at OutliciousTV.com as well as our Myspace page. Check it out!

Also new this week: We have added an I Love Dick tab as well as an Outfest tab to our player. The Shorts and News tab are still there. Use the arrows to get to them. On our Outfest tab we have producer JD Disalvatore talking about her upcoming film SHELTER set to play July 18th at Outfest.

We should have more Outfest coverage coming to you this week! Be on the lookout!!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Gettin' Ready

Outfest's 25th Anniversary film festival is less than a week away. We are getting out schedule together to bring you some of the best coverage. Here is a glimpse at our ambitious schedule. We probably won't be at everything on our schedule but we sure as hell hope to be.

7/10 Tuesday: Private party for Logo's Rick and Steve premiere
7/11 Wednesday: DIVA's Outfest Kickoff Party
7/12 Thursday: Outfest Opening Night
7/16 Monday: Outfest Legacy Night: Parting Glances
7/17 Tuesday: Documentary Centerpiece: For the Bible Tells Me So
7/18 Wednesday: Dramatic Centerpiece: shelter
7/21 Saturday: Starrbooty
7/22 Sunday: Awards Night: Itty Bitty Titty Committee
7/23 Monday: Closing Night: Kiss the Bride

If you see us there, say "hey hey hey!"

Tomorrow we start production on I Love Dick1 Hopefully we'll have a promo up for it on Monday!!
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Getting Ready To Expand!

Lots of things happening in every department. We're gearing up for our coverage of Outfest, finishing up editing on flab2FAB!, and getting ready to shoot I Love Dick! this weekend. We haven't seen the sun in weeks!

We also ordered some promo postcards to start handing out as we get ready to launch. We found a fabulous place in Burbank called Gotprint.com to do the printing for us. They offer 5,000 full color glossy postcards for $99. That's awesome!!

We hope everyone had a nice Holiday and isn't too hungover today! Today feels like Monday, but it's a good things because tomorrow is Friday!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Feelin' Independent

My has this year flown by! It is really hot here in Los Angeles and we're workin' up a sweat getting ready for our launch in just under 4 weeks!!

Our Outfest coverage starts next week and we are gearing up to bring you the best of the parties, celebrities and films.

We received our first check yesterday!! Woo! It's nice to see our hardwork starting to pay off. It wasn't much but certainly nice to see that we actually have some revenue potential. What's most fascinating is that we haven't officially launched yet!!!

Everyone have a happy independence day tomorrow and a belated happy Canada Day!! There will be no post tomorrow!

Monday, July 2, 2007

New Month, New Videos!

What a fabulous weekend! We have been ultra busy getting ready for production of I Love Dick! Over the weekend, we held a script reading with the cast (see picture above).
We have also added a new promo to OutliciousTV.com. Dinah Diva is cross promoting Tell Veronica.
Also, we added a very special report. By popular demand, we have released a special cut of our 2007 LA Pride Coverage of just the shirtless boys that we interviewed. The Shirtless Boys Special is under the news tab.
We are almost halfway through editing flab2FAB! Reality shows are rather crazy in the editing process because that is what usually makes or breaks the show.

More exciting news to come!
Happy Monday!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

June Numbers Are In

June was a record breaking month. We had almost 8 times the amount of video plays we had in May.

Our most popular videos were:

LA Pride 2007 - 2920 views
flab2FAB! Promo - 696 views
OutliciousTV Celebrity Promo - 584 views
Tell Veronica Promo - 533 Views

55% of our views watched videos by visiting OutliciousTV.com

45% watched us through an affiliate or third party site.

Here to an even more successful July!

Remember our launch is July 30th.