Friday, July 20, 2007

Better Late Than Never!

Sorry for the delay in getting the blog posting up!

We are so excited! Our official launch is coming soon. Of course we have a few more obstacles to clear. For example, our camera equipment decided to go on strike last night!! Ahh!! We've found a few fixes and are trying them out but eventually the camera will die :-( RIP... don't buy Canon...

The good news is, most of our programming for the season has been shot, edited and programmed into our lineup!! Yay!!

This weekend we will be doing a lot of behind the scenes work getting ready for the launch. Patricia Villetto from "I Love Dick" has been spotted around town doing her comedy routine. Last night, she was was Mick and Mack's in Long Beach. She's there about once a month so check her out!!

Tonight, we will be attending "The Curiosity of Chance" at the Ford Amphitheatre as part of Outfest. We won't be covering the event though just watching it for fun!! Closing night of Outfest is July 23rd!

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