Tuesday, July 24, 2007


With less than a week till launch we are gearing up to provide you with the best online GLBT shows.

Today we received a note from Brightcove, the company that serves our video as well as the advertisements on the videos. They offer pre-roll video ads to some of their clients who meet certain criteria. We believed we reached the criteria but were not receiving the advertisements. After over a month of communicated we were finally told that our content is too "wild-n-edgy" for national advertisers. FUCK YEAH!!! (flashing breasts in girls gone wild style) Our goal is to reach the largest gay/lesbian online audience possible and if it takes being wild-n-edgy then so be it.

Let this be a lesson to GLBT content providers considering Brightcove as your video service. Brightcove has an amazing video service that is very user friendly; but it is not the way for GLBT content providers to monetize their content.

Last night was Outfest closing night and we will have a video of that posted by the end of the week.

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Dan said...

By all meansd get in touch with us at Narrowstep....we LOVE wild n edgy!