Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Top Ten List

Just for fun today, we're posting the top 10 pre-launch videos. We are so excited to see the number of viewers we are getting. We are also excited to know which shows attract more viewers so that we can continue making the same type of programming in the future.

1) OutliciousTV News - LA Pride: 3,421 plays
2) flab2FAB! Promo: 1,604 plays
3) Outdishes Promo: 989 plays
4) OutliciousTV Celebrity Promo: 772 plays
5) Tell Veronica Promo: 726 plays
6) OutliciousTV News Promo: 542 plays
7) Outdishes Behind the Scenes 1: 398 plays
8) Outdishes Behind the Scenes 2: 360 plays
9) OutliciousTV News - Eating Out 2: 344 plays
10) No Match Found: 337 plays

We are in the process of retooling our schedule. We are thinking of reducing the number of new streams to only three per week as we try to attract more viewers. Our launch week will still have the first episodes airing at their scheduled time; however, afterwords there will be a schedule posted which will list when future episodes will be released. Why are we doing this? We are hoping to lengthen our season right up to the holidays which will give us time to build our viewship and plan amazing new content for our Winter/Spring 2008 Season!!

We want to know your thoughts on this. Leave a comment below.

Tonight, Jason Boegh will be at the cast and crew premiere party of Rick and Steve, the new fabulous show on Logo!

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