Monday, April 23, 2007

The Diva Is Coming

We are pleased to announce our latest programming addition to the OutliciousTV lineup. Outdishes with Dinah Diva! Outdishes is far from your average run of the mill cooking show. Join Dinah Diva as she teaches you how to entertain in a blink of her painted eyes.
On the technical front, we are so close to launching our main site it's crazy. We're just trying to work out some compatibility problems between internet browsers as well as ad display issues. Fun stuff!
In addition to the countries noted on Friday, we would like to give a shout out to the person who stumbled upon us in Entre Rios, Argentina.
Production on Outdishes is slated to start on Sunday and we should have some teasers up for you soon after that. Have a happy Monday.


Sean said...

Diva ROCKS! She has been sighted around various West Hollywood hot spots, holding court and causing comotion, she is FAB-u-LOS

chickey said...

"Make-up is your friend", is one of the things I've learned from Ms.Diva. Her wisdom outshines even her glitter.


Larry said...

I hope she rocks the bangs down look . and let me tell you that lady really knows how to make a great sausage PBJ sandwich with a side of fluff,, ummmmm um! CANT WAIT!!!!!!