Wednesday, April 25, 2007

We're Live!

Yay!! Our website has gone live. (see the preview shot above, thanks Jared) If you came here through you probably noticed you now have two choices at our homepage: the blog (you are reading) or our site. We're going to keep the two choices up there for awhile until we have more content up and running on the channel. Something tells me there will be a fun little preview up next week.

If you notice an strange issues happening with the site, please contact us. We tried to test the site in as many browser types as possible but I'm sure there will still be issues somewhere.

In the coming weeks you will notice a more robust control panel as well as working links for our list of shows. That's it for now. Oh, a quick shout out to our first European visitor from Ipswich, England. TTFN!

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