Friday, April 20, 2007

We're Worldwide!

Yes I know the picture is from Vegas, but it's still pretty.
This week we have started to get hits from China, Venezuela, Canada and the Netherlands Antilles. (I have a feeling the Chinese hits are just bots reading the site). Regardless, we are very happy to see new visitors.

A preview of our brightcove control panel is up on our MYSPACE page. Check out (it's in the left hand column).

Sad News: We had some casting gliches with the project we were supposed to shoot this weekend; however, it may all be fixed with someone even better coming in. I've also heard it is going to rain here in LA on Sunday so that would have messed up our schedule anyway. It never rains in LA this late in April!! We're going to spend our Sunday meeting with some prospective OutliciousTV personalities.

We're also going to look at some green screen equipment this weekend. We'll see how that goes. If everything goes right, we'll have our real website up and running by the end of the weekend.

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