Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A Date With Veronica

A production date has been set to shoot the next series to premiere this Summer on OutliciousTV, Tell Veronica. Taping will begin June 3rd and we have already lined up a nice group of crazy, foxy, cool guests ready to tell all to Veronica.

Tell Veronica is a creation of writer and OutliciousTV creative executive Tony Jerris and is based off of his off-Broadway smash play of the same name. Veronica is played by Charlene Tilton of Dallas fame and the guests will include fictional characters as well as real life people.

One very special guest that can't wait to get her ass in Veronica's pink chair is Dinah Diva! Dinah is the star of the OutliciousTV show Outdishes. If you've been watching our preview teasers on our main site, then you already know Dinah's appearance on Tell Veronica is going to be off the hook.

Our site is in desperate need of some new stuff; however, our tech team has been busy cutting, encoding and uploading new episodes of Outdishes. There are only five more left in queue!

Speaking of website stuff... Yesterday, we've received our first visit from Moscow!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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