Friday, May 4, 2007

Spreading Like A Wildfire

News about OutliciousTV is spreading like a wildfire. We're hot! Everyday, the average daily hits to our website and blog continue to grow. Our two short films as well as our Outdishes promo is continuously getting new views. And of course, we are constantly adding new friends to our MySpace.

About our Myspace page. Is anyone else having problems uploading video? We tried to put the new Outdishes Promo Video and it keeps disappearing. Hmmm...

We're also slightly picky when it comes to accepting friend requests on MySpace. In an effort to prevent spam and a truckload of annoying bulletins, we only accept friend requests from the following 1) real people, 2) organizations that we are interested in hearing the latest from, 3) bands (on the editor's whim). I'm sure that policy makes sense. When someone has 10,000 friends and sends a request to OutliciousTV, they are just looking to add to their numbers and will probably never visit OutliciousTV.

Alot of behind-the-scenes production stuff is happening. Plenty of editing.

This weekend our news team is going to cover two exciting stories! See you all Monday!

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