Thursday, May 3, 2007

One Down a Million More to Go

Post-production on Outdishes has begun and we have finished editing episode one. It will premiere on July 30, 2007. But, don't feel sad. We will continue to post some new and exciting content to keep you excited (and interested) until the end of July. Watch next Monday as we release Part 1 of our Outdishes Behind the Scenes special. Part one includes an interview with the show's creator Tony Jerris (see picture above).

We're gearing up to start production on our next series as well as shoot two news specials this Sunday.

We have a tenative title for our Ronnie Kerr fitness show, Flab2Fab. The show is still in development but we will keep you posted on it. Have a great Thursday! Don't forget to add to your favorites/bookmarks and to add us as your myspace friend.

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